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private $99 / hour

  • One-on-one Tuition
  • Semi–private Lessons
  • Available at Any Level
  • A Wide Range of Times
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beginner $25 / hour

  • Mini Groups on Weekdays
  • Small Groups (max 7 riders)
  • Perfect for New Riders
  • Lead rein / Off-lead rein
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intermediate $75 / hour

  • Group Lessons (max 8 riders)
  • Walking and Trotting
  • Jumping Lessons
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Training programs

the Most Popular programs

Full training

Price: $700 per month

Four services a week, with a maximum of three lessons a week and one trainer ride for a horse in the program. This also includes three turn-outs a week.


Price: $550 per month

Two services a week, either lessons or trainer rides, plus clipping and mane pulling. For horses half-leased and boarding with Horserati, this also includes 3 turn-outs.


Price: $500 per month

Turn-out six days a week, plus daily grooming, clipping and mane pulling if desired. Blanketing is included. Perfect for the horse is his or her golden years


Private Beginner Intermediate
One-on-one Tuition + + +
Any Level + + +
A Wide Range of Times - + +
Walking and Trotting - - +
$99/hour $25/hour $75/hour