Horserati horse club president

Michael Freeman

President of Horserati Modern Horse Club

Michael Freeman, the President of Horserati Horse Club, raised Arabian show horses for over 20 years in Norco, California. Horse riding has always been his passion. Mr. Freeman is a retired executive of AT&T and, after 25 years with the company, he relocated to LA with his family in 1994 to establish his own horse riding club2 years later.

Together with his friends and a professional team of horse riders and instructors, he maintains the friendly spirit in the local equestrian community. He has achieved a lot in his career but he is planning to achieve even more during the years to come.

our mission

Attracting New Members

Horserati HorseClub invites all horseowners to join our horse riding community to enjoy this fascinating sport and train their horses.

Horse Racing Support and Growth

Since our foundation, our main goal has always been to support and grow the community of horse racers in the area.

Fun and Celebration

We believe that horse riding is not just a challenging sport but also a fun one. That’s why we concentrate on various entertaining horse riding activities.

Equine Industry Improvement

We try to improve the equine industry through working with other organizations to achieve shared goals and ideals.

Why choose us

Owning a horse is no longer just for the elite because horse riding is a sport in everyone’s grasp thanks to racing syndicates and is more accessible and affordable than ever before. Our club tries to make it even more affordable and accessible to everyone, from children to adults.


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