Sunset ride


Enjoy one of the most picturesque parts of our beautiful area in the peace and tranquillity of Horseback riding in the historic nature park located in the North East of LA.

Our sunset ride takes you along the Coast and Golden Cliffs of the area and the panoramic scenes of the Crystal Clear legendary Pacific Ocean. This particular ride is very limited only allowing 1 ride daily and therefore booking in advance is highly recommended.

Do not miss out on this fantastic ride that will truly leave you with a memorable experience and scenery that you will not forget! We can take any level of experienced riders including people that have never touched a horse as we would lead your horse by lead rain and leave you plenty of time to relax and adjust yourself to the feel of horse riding and if you feel adventurous we even have horses that do not require a lead rain and be able to ride alone!

Our services

what We offer


Individual private lessons from the age of 8 onwards tailored to your experience level starting from nothing. During these lessons you’ll be thought how to prepare/tack a horse, mount/dismount, understanding your animal and various other talents that you simply don’t get from a standard ride. This is the unique experience, which you can get only at our club.


These are our standard rides that are held on a daily basis throughout the year. This ride is a 1 hour ride which would take you cross country tracks through a historic nature park located in the North West of our city, along cliff tops overlooking 2 of our most popular beaches and usually is available during mid-morning and in the afternoon.


We are also offering the option of allowing you to book a tailored ride for a group of more than 4 people in one go. This would give your group the exclusive ride and would be tailored to suit your needs as much as possible when available. This would also be an ideal scenario for a sunset ride, a company staff event or even a stag/hen due (Drunk riders not allowed).

Beach horse ride


Horse Riding Centre offers exhilarating beach horse rides on the South Shore. Join us in a small group on one of our safe and well-mannered horses and ride on the picturesque South Beach.

Beach Horse Rides depart from the local port’s south shore picnic reserve. Just a short ferry ride across the Hastings river. The Shore is a natural and beautiful beach located on the south side of ocean. This is easily accessible by the Settlement Point car and passenger ferry service.

The meeting point is just a short walk from the ferry point so we recommend leaving your vehicle on the south side and walking over to ensure you are on time for your ride. The ride is 1hr in length, we offer separate rides for beginners and experienced riders so you can ride at a safe pace for your level of ability. Please be sure to book a ride suited to your level.

Pony rides for kids

for our smallest clients

Looking for an adventure your child will never forget? We offer Pony Rides on Horserati showring that provide kids with a safe and fun experience they will remember for a lifetime.

The Pony Ride for Kids is a 30-minute “horse experience” that is ideal for children between the ages of 2-7 years old. Children 6 and under will be lead or “ponied” by a wrangler. Older children or even adults are welcome to purchase one of these experiences too if they want to ride a horse alongside their child. Children are allowed to feed and pet their horse after they are put in the saddle and taken on a 20 min. walk. Parents are welcome to walk alongside their child and take pictures along the way (at no charge). Ride time is set to your availability. This is a fun experience to allow a young child the opportunity to ride a horse in a safe and controlled setting.