Training rules

our club rules

Please read these training rules carefully. Remember that all club members are to comply with these rules during training.
  • In any dispute the committee’s decision is final.
  • Correct riding dress must be worn by all riders. In-Hand handlers must be dressed smartly and wearing a hard hat that complies with all health and safety requirements, on entering the ring.
  • Whips should not exceed 30”/76cms. Spurs may be worn by Senior riders only.
  • The excessive use of whips on the show ground is forbidden.
  • Non-Competitive entries are not permitted in any class.
  • Late entries will be at the discretion of the Secretary.
  • Entry fees will not be refunded.
  • The name of the horse or pony should be kept for the entire season as points are awarded for the combination of animal/rider.
  • In-Hand handlers name must be entered on the sheet.
  • Stallions may enter up to 3 years old. (Members 17 and over only).
  • Once a class has been called, competitors have 10 minutes to enter the ring. Following this, the ring will be closed. Although we appreciate that classes do clash at times, every effort is made to avoid this. Where this becomes unavoidable, competitors will need to make a choice as to which class they enter as stated in the rules. We hope that this rule will assist with the smoother running of the show.
  • It is up to the competitor to ensure that they are entered in the correct class.
  • All entries must be on the correct sheet.
  • Members are only eligible for points after their membership has been accepted by the Treasurer and a membership card is issued.
  • To be eligible for points, the rider/horse/pony must have competed in the class at a minimum of 3 points shows.
  • To be eligible to win a cup at the Annual Show, competitors must have paid their membership fee on or before Sunday 5th June 2016.
  • To be eligible for the attendance point, the member must compete in the class.
  • A child who has not attained his/her 3rd birthday at the 1st January 2016 may not compete in any of the classes.
  • All horses/ponies ages are checked on January 1. Any animal in poor condition will not be eligible to compete. No horse/pony 3 years or Under may be ridden on the field.
  • The Committee can not be held responsible to any member of the public for injury, damage, theft etc., during the Club’s activities.
  • Galloping on the field is forbidden, unless at the request of the Judge. Members caught abusing this rule risk cancellation of their membership.
  • Horses/ponies must be loaded/unloaded on the show ground. The bus lay-by on Mains Lane should be kept clear at all times.
  • Any abuse to Judge’s, Stewards or Organisers of the show, by any member, their representatives, handlers or grooms will result in a one-year ban & loss of all points for the season.
  • Falling off rule will apply. Anyone falling from Horse/Pony will be eliminated from the class for Health & Safety reasons and must leave the ring.
  • The decision of the Judge on the day will be final once the Judge has signed the sheet.
  • No competitor is to complain to the Judge direct. Complaints must be lodged in writing to either the Secretary or Chairman with a deposit of £25.00 within 15 minutes of the class ending. The deposit will be forfeited if the objection is not sustained.
  • Please note the classes will be announced over the public address system and it is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure they get to the rings at the correct time.
  • The Committee reserve the right to alter or cancel any class or timing of classes if necessary - please listen for any public address announcements.
  • Members and non-members are not allowed to ride on the show field other than at official events.
  • It is the responsibility of the members who have won trophies to return them. Annual trophies are to be returned on or before 1st May (First show). Dinner Dance Trophies to be returned on or before 4th September 2016. All trophies should be returned clean and engraved with the name of the winner.
  • Regulation Hard Hats and Safety Harness must be worn by all riders when mounted at all times.
  • Non-Regulation Hats are worn by riders at their own risk.
  • If required the Points System may be viewed at any time subject to a valid query. It is the Club’s policy to try to be discretionary before winners are announced at the Dinner Dance.
M. Freeman